On the 10th anniversary of MLB’s last perfect game, here are 10 games that should have been number 24

Tampa Bay Rays Primary bowler Drew Rasmussen was pretty close in history on Sunday afternoon. He went through eight innings having scored on each of the twenty-four strikes he faced. It was a perfect match with only three points left. He was so efficient that he didn’t even hit 80 pitches either. Then Jorge Matteo, … Read more

An inside look at the Colorado Avalanche

NHL.com offers an in-depth list and analysis of probability and fantasy for each of the league’s 32 teams from August 8 to September 8. 8. Today’s Colorado Avalanche. Colorado may still celebrate last season’s Stanley Cup, but the question will soon turn to whether they can do so again. One reason for optimism is the … Read more

The FedEx Cup PGA Tour qualifiers appreciate the hype over legitimate golf

Placeholder while loading article actions If you’re a golf fan, you’ve been bombarded with TV ads for the PGA Tour’s qualifier weeks—or, as the Tour prefers, the “FedEx Cup Qualifiers.” One ad refers to the playoffs as the “final” moment for the PGA Tour. Another thing says, “He will make history.” Since “final” technically means … Read more

The Mysteries close the regular season with a win, but Natasha Cloud hits her knee

Placeholder while loading article actions Natasha Cloud was writhing on the floor under the basket as her teammates gathered around Sunday, entertainment and sports quieted. Eventually, the Mystics captain and longest-lasting player got up and fired a pair of free throws before they scored for the remainder of the game. She limped out into the … Read more

Boston completes plans to reinforce every 47 miles of shoreline against flooding

environment With the completion of a recent study focusing on Charlestown and East Boston, every part of the city’s coast has been studied. Boston Long Wharf was flooded during a storm surge in 2018. Craig F Walker/The Boston Globe Coastal flooding poses a legitimate safety threat to many Boston residents, and the potential for flooding … Read more

Jason Momoa says Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will tackle climate change: “It’s amazing being able to spread awareness of what’s happening to our planet”

A year ago, responding to Martin Scorsese’s accusations of superhero movies, Aquaman star Jason Momoa defended the genre as an artistic merit he can use to touch on issues he cares about like the ocean and the environment. Source: Justice League (2017), Warner Bros. Entertainment Related: Amber Heard Stans seeks to silence ThatUmbrellaGuy over its … Read more

Is the super-mind monkey physics of the universe?

In this second part of the discussion in Dallas Conference On Science and Faith (2021), philosopher Steve Meyer Discusses the methods used by the pioneering astronomer Fred Hoyle (1915-2001) Dealing with the fact that looks like the universe refine for life. Howell widely cited The comment on the topic was “The logical interpretation of the … Read more