Robot shows it’s possible to swim through the void of a curved universe: ScienceAlert

If the astronauts suddenly drifted into the interstellar void, they would have to push their bodies to safety, kicking and waving their limbs toward a haven in the void. Unfortunately for them, physics is not forgiving, leaving them floating without hope forever. If only the universe was curved enough, their defeat might not be useless. … Read more

Study – New Indian Express

by Express News Service Bengaluru: A study has found that Indian conservation policies over the past seven decades are biased in favor of big cats, especially tigers. Researchers from a number of academic and conservation institutions, including the National Center for Biological Sciences, the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Center for Wildlife Studies, evaluated numerous … Read more

Explaining America’s Wildlife Restoration Act

The Biden administration is about to enact a law The largest part of climate legislation Ever, after the Senate passed Inflation reduction law Sunday with a vote running down the party lines. But there is actually another huge piece of environmental legislation that could soon become law — and it has bipartisan support. known by … Read more

House passes climate, tax and health bill

But Democrats are hoping to capitalize on this victory, stressing that they have delivered on long-standing promises, even though it may take years to see the benefits from some of the longer-term proposals. What is in the inflation reduction law? Card 1 of 8 What is in the inflation reduction law? objective legislation. The 3 … Read more

Kaiser cancels mental health appointments before strikes, unions claim

The health care giant that is organizing an upcoming strike of more than 2,000 mental health workers at Kaiser Permanente said Thursday that the health care giant is illegally canceling appointments before planned work can take place. The National Federation of Health Care Workers filed a complaint with state officials Thursday accusing Kaiser officials of … Read more

Unattractive meals at a Winnipeg hospital are part of ‘systematic failure on the stairs’: a national organization

A relative of a man who was recently hospitalized in Winnipeg says patients are receiving unappetizing meals, and wonders if they meet the nutritional needs of people recovering from illness or injury. Thomas Rimple Ong’s brother-in-law broke his femur over the long weekend in August and was sent to the Health Sciences Center in Winnipeg … Read more

Better bones, stronger muscles, a happier heart – the benefits of exercise in old age are huge

aging. It’s something many Australians fear. Things that were once easy may not be so anymore, appearances change and the body works differently – but it’s not all bad. The aging process cannot be stopped, but physical activity can bring a range of benefits as people age. According to Pazit Levinger, principal investigator at the … Read more