US inflation eased slightly to 8.5% in July

Inflation in the United States was 8.5% in JulyOn Wednesday, the Labor Department said it was maintaining near its highest annual rate in four decades despite falling energy costs. Greg Dako, chief economist at EY-Parthenon, a consultancy, said the rapid rise in prices is continuing in the wake of higher inflation from goods, energy and … Read more

In energy markets, Putin is winning the war

Comment on this story Suspension No matter what indicator you use, Russian President Vladimir Putin is winning in the energy markets. Moscow is milking its own oil cow, earning hundreds of millions of dollars every day to fund the invasion of Ukraine and buy domestic support for the war. Once European sanctions on Russian crude … Read more

This ultra-local startup is transforming neighborhood women into librarians and entrepreneurs

When there’s local groceries, e-commerce, logistics, and transportation – why not a local bookstore? In fact, it would be like hitting the bull’s-eye if it had the double advantage of creating young female entrepreneurs, right? Our story begins in 2019 in the United States, when Sheetal Shah She found herself spending a lot of time … Read more

Nvidia Stock: The market is in denial (NASDAQ: NVDA)

Justin Sullivan In the past two years, NVIDIA (Nasdaq:NVDA) and Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) Both delivered much better results than expected due to the strong demand for processors and GPUs that were It is fueled by an unprecedented global pandemic and a boom in cryptocurrency mining simultaneously. While selling GPUs is only one part … Read more

Gaming startups are still an important component of venture capitalists

Brevan Howard Asset Management has raised over $1 billion to invest in the crypto ecosystem GEM Digital Limited has committed 50 million USD to the XION Finance Decentralized Agriculture Protocol Game companies and services that rely on play to earn are still popular with investors looking to pump money into the crypto space. Recently, Andreesen … Read more

Analyst says Britain has become an ’emerging market country’

Pensioners protest against rising fuel prices at a demonstration outside Downing Street called by the National Pensioners Conference and Fuel Poverty Action on February 7, 2022 in London, England. Jay Smallman | Getty Images According to Saxo Bank, political instability, trade turmoil, an energy crisis and spiraling inflation make the UK an “emerging market country”. … Read more

Billions are poured into bioplastics as markets begin to climb

Mark Gillespie, The Associated Press Cleveland (AFP) – In a world increasingly plagued by the ongoing damage to the environment from plastic – made in petrochemical plants – companies are investing billions of dollars to ramp up production of plastics made from natural, renewable materials that can be safely composted or can biodegrade in the … Read more