Where to invest $10,000 in a bear market | Smart Change: Personal Finance

(Stephon Walters) Bear markets are interesting. On the one hand, no one likes to see the value of their investment portfolio plummet; on the other side, Bear markets It can present many opportunities for investors – especially if time is on your side. Instead of getting away with investing during these times, it can be … Read more

Debt expert says keeping 4 expenses helped her pay off $77,000

Debt expert Nika Booth began her journey in 2018, after Dave Ramsey’s advice to cut all discretionary spending. She soon realized that depriving herself of fun spending was sabotaging her debt repayment efforts. She regrets making four budget cuts early, including dining out and gifts. loading Something is uploading. Before the pandemic, 41-year-old debt expert … Read more

What does the Inflation Reduction Act mean to cover your Medicare | personal financing

Alex Rosenberg Significant changes to the affordability of prescription drugs for over 50 million registered beneficiaries Medicare Part D You’ll likely be on the way because of a bill headed to the president’s office. President Joe Biden, in a speech in July announcing a deal in Congress, said the inflation-reduction bill “finally fulfills a decades-old … Read more

Free Chase DoorDash DashPass membership comes to co-branded cards

Insider experts select the best products and services to help make smart decisions with your money (Here’s how). In some cases, we receive commission from our partnersHowever, our opinions are our opinions. Terms apply to the offers listed on this page. Chase has expanded the free DoorDash DashPass membership feature to most co-branded credit cards. … Read more