Representative Anna Williams Resigns From Oregon Legislature For New Political Role – Oregon Capital Chronicle

Hood River Democrat Anna Williams has spent the past four years focusing on human services policy in the Oregon legislature. Starting in mid-August, she’ll trade State House for a new job in politics. Williams, who was elected in 2018, will be the new executive director of the Oregon Care System Advisory Board effective August 15. … Read more

4 reasons to eat fermented foods

Fermented foods can provide important benefits to your body, especially for digestive and immune health. Fermented foods have undergone a natural process of fermentation by beneficial bacteria, fungi or yeast. In this process, the sugar molecules in foods turn into alcohol or acids. Fermented foods are a nutritious and rich source of probiotics, the good … Read more

House could give Biden a win over prescription drug prices and insulin costs

The US House of Representatives is expected on Friday to outline a massive legislative package that includes steps to make Medicare’s giant program of negotiation for better drug prices, which has long been a goal of Democrats. This package, titled the Inflation Reduction Act, includes measures aimed at reducing carbon emissions and shifting the nation … Read more

Documents show that DaVita helped draft a new bill to fix the “hole” left by the Supreme Court ruling

“Providers and patient groups in this area have been consistent in pressing for reform in light of the ruling,” said a Republican Senate aide who was granted anonymity to speak out in support of Politico. The lobbying began around December when the Biden administration filed a briefing in support of the collective health plan, the … Read more

Best Food for Men Awards 2022

Food prices rose. Likes, waaaay above. But a tighter grocery budget shouldn’t come at the expense of healthy eating. That’s why we asked a few of our favorite dietitians about the foods that provide the most nutritional bang for your buck right now. (And of course, we tested each one to make sure it tasted … Read more

Nebraska Medicine now offers the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine

For the first time in metro Omaha, the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine is available to people 18 and older. Nebraska Medicine offers the vaccine at two locations, one in Lincoln and one in Omaha. Pharmacy at Lauritzen Outpatient Center, 4014 Leavenworth Street in Omaha, University of Nebraska-Lincoln University Health Center, 550 N. 19th Street in Lincoln … Read more