Bodybuilder Hunter Labrada talks about the best foot position for the Quad Focus squat and tips for mid-back training

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8 quick exercises to relieve knee pain

The knee is a weak joint that bears a great deal of pressure due to wear and tear from everyday activities such as walking, kneeling, standing, weight lifting, etc. Activities such as sports or dancing that involve jumping or twisting/rapid spinning, impact activities, also make a person prone to knee problems. Being overweight also leads … Read more

If you have a knot in the middle of your back and you can’t stretch or massage it, this is the first step you should take instead

IIf you’ve ever had a muscle knot in the middle of your back between your shoulder blades, you know it’s worst. And in some cases, no amount of stretching, stroking, or massaging appears to create relief. Well, according to Katie ClaireThe solution is not to try to get rid of the knot by stretching or … Read more

Want to get back to exercising after COVID-19? This is what the experts say

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Exercises to relieve back pain, restore your health

Now, we’ll focus on helping you navigate through the exercises to determine which ones can relieve pain and restore the health of your back. Designed for movement, your body needs to stay active for good health. When you’re sedentary for long periods, muscles weaken, connective tissue stiffens, and joint lubrication is reduced. On the contrary, … Read more