Representative Anna Williams Resigns From Oregon Legislature For New Political Role – Oregon Capital Chronicle

Hood River Democrat Anna Williams has spent the past four years focusing on human services policy in the Oregon legislature. Starting in mid-August, she’ll trade State House for a new job in politics. Williams, who was elected in 2018, will be the new executive director of the Oregon Care System Advisory Board effective August 15. … Read more

Documents show that DaVita helped draft a new bill to fix the “hole” left by the Supreme Court ruling

“Providers and patient groups in this area have been consistent in pressing for reform in light of the ruling,” said a Republican Senate aide who was granted anonymity to speak out in support of Politico. The lobbying began around December when the Biden administration filed a briefing in support of the collective health plan, the … Read more

New Connecticut Data Protection Act joins other state’s privacy rules

while the The federal government is trying to move forward with a unified national lawConnecticut joined CaliforniaAnd the coloraAnd the UtahAnd the Virginia in passing a comprehensive consumer privacy law. legislation Signed by the Governor of Connecticut in May 2022, takes effect on July 1, 2023. However, provisions regarding the task force to be convened … Read more

Health Catalyst welcomes Chief Medical Officer Dr. Melissa Welch and Chief Population Health Officer and Senior Vice President Dr. Edward Shen to the Leadership Team

Salt Lake CityAnd the August 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Health Catalyst, Inc. (“Health Catalyst,” NASDAQ: HCAT), the leading provider of data technology, analytics, and services to healthcare organizations, today announced the addition of Chief Medical Officer Dr. Melissa Welch Head of Population Health Department and First Vice President, Dr. Edward Shen for the executive leadership … Read more

Senators work through marathon series of votes on amendments, a key step before Democrats’ sweeping health and climate bill passes – KION546

By Claire Foran and Ali Zaslav, CNN The Senate has worked all night, taking a series of successive amendment votes that are among the last steps toward the final passage of the Democrats and Climate Comprehensive Health Care Act Putting the parcel on track to be approved by the chamber as soon as this weekend. … Read more

My health insurance is risking my life

I was diagnosed last month with skin cancer inside my right eye. I had some blurring of vision, so I immediately went to the ophthalmologist. He spotted what he called “freckles” in my eye, and gave me an emergency referral to an ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist diagnosed ‘large melanoma’ in my right eye. Dr. Google told … Read more

CMS Exec recommends learning about reports via FHIR

In a Q&A at the recent Primary Care Transformation Summit, CMS Director Ms. Michael Schreiber touched on several forward-looking topics related to quality measurement, including alignment of scales, measures of equity in health, and digital clinical quality measurement reports using FHIR. Schreiber is deputy director of the Center for Clinical Standards and Quality for the … Read more

Democrats, Cinemas Reach Agreement on New Taxes in Health and Climate Act

Comment on this story Suspension Senator Kirsten Senema (D-Arizona) said she would soon be ready to “move forward” on a revised version of the Senate’s health care, climate and deficit reduction package, opening the door for party lawmakers to embrace the long plan. – Installed invoice as soon as this weekend. Sinema offered her indispensable … Read more

Ex-Trump aide faces trouble for not delivering government emails to private account

Best listening experience on Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Subscribe to Federal Drive’s daily audio interviews on Apple Podcasts or PodcastOne. The Department of Justice is suing Peter Navarro, a former White House director of trade policy, alleging that he did government business on a private email account and did not turn over the records to … Read more