4 reasons to eat fermented foods

Fermented foods can provide important benefits to your body, especially for digestive and immune health. Fermented foods have undergone a natural process of fermentation by beneficial bacteria, fungi or yeast. In this process, the sugar molecules in foods turn into alcohol or acids. Fermented foods are a nutritious and rich source of probiotics, the good … Read more

Best Food for Men Awards 2022

Food prices rose. Likes, waaaay above. But a tighter grocery budget shouldn’t come at the expense of healthy eating. That’s why we asked a few of our favorite dietitians about the foods that provide the most nutritional bang for your buck right now. (And of course, we tested each one to make sure it tasted … Read more

Vegetarian meat and dairy alternatives benefit health and the environment

Post on PinterestResearch indicates that plant-based meats may be beneficial to our health and our environment. Image credit: Bloomberg Creative/Getty Images. The popularity of vegan meat and dairy alternative markets has skyrocketed over the past few years. Researchers from the University of Bath have found evidence that these products are better for our health and … Read more

A plant-based omega-3 supplement contains more nutrients than fish oil

Boost your brain power and keep your heart healthy! A plant-based omega-3 supplement contains more nutrients than fish oil (and 20% off with this special code) Written by Emily Scrivener for Mailonline Posted: At 08:17 GMT, August 8, 2022 | updated: At 08:20 GMT, August 8, 2022 Shopping: The products in this article are independently … Read more

The No. 1 Vitamin That Keeps Your Brain ‘Young and Healthy’ – and Foods to Eat Every Day

As a nutritional psychologist, I always make it a point to maintain a balanced diet. A lot of that has to do with making sure I get all the right vitamins, especially because they’re essential for prevention cognitive decline. Given that the risks Neurological diseases increase with ageA question I often get from my patients … Read more

How omega-3 fatty acids benefit your brain

IIn the vast and wonderful world of nutrients, many work overtime to support different aspects of your well-being. Take, for example, omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fats are not only excellent for brain health (more on that below), but also leatherAnd the sleep qualityAnd the heart health, and more. Given their virtues of beauty, longevity, … Read more