The Anti-Inflation Act puts our oldest climate-fighting technology in action

The Senate passage subordinate The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, the most comprehensive climate legislation in US history, puts our nation on the right track to combat climate change from every angle. You may have already heard about how the bill would take an economy-wide approach to cutting emissions, accelerating the clean energy transition, and … Read more

A new study finds that climate change outweighs most infectious diseases

More than half of all human infectious diseases in recorded history—Lyme, West Nile, Hantavirus, typhoid, HIV, and influenza, to name a few—have been exacerbated by the increasing effects of climate change caused by greenhouse gases. That’s the sobering conclusion of a new research paper, the first of its kind, that combs through more than 70,000 … Read more

“What else can we do?”: Intruders demand the right to roam the Minister’s 12,000-acre property | Access to green spaces

It’s hard to tell what Nature Secretary Richard Binion usually finds in his gigantic home in Berkshire when he strolls around on a Sunday afternoon. However, it is unlikely that it was a loud singing group of energetic trespassers, disguised as psychedelic animals and fully escorting Morris’ dance troupe. But that’s what galvanized his leadership … Read more

Plastic can be an essential accessibility tool for people with disabilities. What happens when we block it?

As someone with a physical disability, there are a few items I need to help me live an independent life. Pre-made vegetables, takeaways, and drinking straws – some made of plastic – are absolutely essential for people like me. The use of my hands is limited and this made preparing and cooking meals a nightmare. … Read more

The unintended consequences of declaring a climate emergency

| Published: August 06, 2022 12:01 AM The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent those of President Biden is toying with the idea of ​​declaring climate change a national emergency. Supporters want him to introduce drastic changes to tackle climate change – bypassing congressional approval. But as the … Read more

What does the dispute between the United States and China mean for climate change? | environment

China’s decision to halt cooperation with the United States on the climate crisis has sparked concern, with seasoned climate diplomats urging a swift resumption of talks to help avert worsening global warming. On Friday, Beijing announced a A series of actions aimed at revenge against the United States About the “terrible provocation” made by Nancy … Read more