Aidan Hutchinson sings Billie Jean in Hard Knocks: Video

1. The new season of strong blows She got off to a great start last night thanks to rising Lions defensive lineman Aiden Hutchinson. Singing for beginners during boot camp was a staple of strong blows Throughout the show’s history, however, the Michigan star took things to another level with his thrilling rendition of Michael … Read more

Steelers inside the ropes: George Pickens continues to shine

Another day at Pittsburgh Steelers training camp, another training during George Pickens shines. A second-round pick that would have probably been much higher had he not been torn apart in last spring’s AFC Champions League in Georgia, Pickens raised heads throughout the camp. Tuesday was probably his best practice yet. In terms of size and … Read more

10 Quick Ideas From The First 10 Days Of Lions Training Camp

It’s hard to believe, but two weeks of Detroit Lions training camp have already passed. The Lions held 10 training sessions during this time frame, as well as press conferences and media meeting time for several coaches and players. Here are 10 quick ideas I saw in my days at Allen Park as well as … Read more

Choose Dallas Bar because that’s the competition

Well, the answer is simple: relationships and team potential. “I obviously have some connection to [senior defensive assistant] We got pretty close while I was there, and we had some success,” Barr said in his first media appearance at training camp, George Edwards – in Minnesota. ” [Dan Quinn]And how it works. “And I think … Read more

Raiders vs. Points. Jaguars, the takeaway: Las Vegas kicks off the Josh McDaniels era with a bang, blasting Jacksonville

Finally, football is finally back in our lives. The NFL returned when they opened their pre-season with a show between the Las Vegas Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars at the Canton Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. With so many Novices left on the bench in this head-to-head race, it wasn’t expected to be a very … Read more