I Just Tried Lily James’ Workout With 600 Reps – This Is What Happened

As a fitness editor, there’s nothing I love more than discovering a celebrity’s workout secrets, especially when it comes to role transformations. I have already written about The home workout Lily James used to transform her into Pam and Tommybut recently I’ve seen TikTok explode with another one of James’s workouts — and it involves doing 600 pushups.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan UK (Opens in a new tab)James said, “We trained five times a week; running, circuits, weights, aerobics in the gym, and on the track. It was a crazy time. When I had to lift weights for the first time and do squats and jogs for ten minutes, I felt great and wanted to get sick. However, she also said, ‘I’ve become really obsessed with sitting! Whenever the manager yells ‘cut!’ I was there on the floor pounding them. We had to do 600 different types of sit-ups a day until my stomach changed the most, you end up with To look healthier and stronger,” which seems to be where TikTok got the challenge.

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