In his new book, Nobel laureate and cosmologist James Peebles points out that the universe is simpler than it appears.

In the late 1970s, French philosopher and sociologist Bruno Latour spent two years at the Salk Institute observing molecular biologists the way an anthropologist might monitor a tribe of hunters/gatherers. Ultimately, Latour came to the view that scientific facts are not simply discovered but rather constructed through a social process that depends in part on … Read more

EXCLUSIVE: Europe looks to SpaceX for Musk to plug launch gap left by Russian tensions

PARIS (Reuters) – The European Space Agency (ESA) has begun preliminary technical discussions with Elon Musk’s SpaceX that could lead to temporary use of launch pads after the conflict in Ukraine prevented Western access to Russia’s Soyuz missiles. The US private rival to European firm Arianespace has emerged as a major contender to fill a … Read more

Satellite images show devastation at the Russian air base in Crimea

Ukraine is silent on how to carry out the strike Satellite images show three craters and eight destroyed aircraft ‘It’s very good,’ says the former head of the CIA. Ukraine says Russian air strikes have doubled compared to last week Kyiv (Reuters) – Satellite images released on Thursday showed destruction at a Russian air base … Read more